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A getaway from everything that surrounds us to face the same nature. A full day in the Sacred Valley, with a stay in the river for two to three hours. In the afternoon you can visit the surrounding archaeological sites. This alternative is ideal for tourists with little time and little experience in this sport. The routes are very varied, but the most recommended is the one that includes the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Calca Urubamba, since it offers three sections that can be done one per day:



Huambutio – Písac

Considered the most popular and easier section or section. It does not require previous experience or any special physical fitness, nor any specialized equipment, provided that this river runs through the months of May to September. The rapids are short and of little technical difficulty. This does not mean that they lack attractiveness.

Urubamba – Boca de Sapo

This section offers more adventure and cross faster than in the first section. In general, the route is more varied and with faster water. It is faster, but does not offer significant risk.

Huarán Rapids

It is the most exciting section of the Urubamba. Located an hour and a half from the Imperial City. The tour means pure adrenaline and great torrents. Some experience is necessary and there is no considerable risk, but the journey can only be made in the dry season, from June to September.

This sector of the river is actually of medium difficulty, but of high technical level, due to the quality of maneuvers that can be done by kayak enthusiasts. The kayak is part of the Canoeing, although it is a totally different modality. It is a small boat with capacity for a single person, which given its size and weight allows to cross rapids whose degrees of difficulty are higher and perform maneuvers that would be impossible in a normal raft.

Duration of the tour: 8 to 10 hours.


Our service includes:

  • Rubber boat, oars, life jacket, helmet and raincoat.
  • Transfer hotel – river – hotel

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